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More than 20 years of experience in Real Estate, and as a lawyer abroad and in Denmark, has given birth to the idea of regrouping both around the legal needs of international families in Denmark.

We help you with the legal details for your housing, whether you buy or rent, but also with your needs for legal counelling concerning the family. Our extenal counselors can help with other legal problems, always with an english speeking person to help you.

Call us on 0045 61 18 60 50 for a first free consultation.

We advise you on: 

Your real estate purchase: 

 - legal advice on your purchase, mandatory, we advise you on your before contract, until the publication of the deed of sale. 

The legal of the family: - marriage and marriage contract, divorce, wills, death and international succession. 

Your installation in Denmark:

 - employment contracts, transfer or creation of a company, English-Danish legal relations. 

Your compagny: 

English-Danish legal relations formation of companies, liquidations, international contracts, debt collection , including general labor and company law, international contracts, and debt collection, contract law,